Monday, September 09, 2013

Lesson 122: Talking about your vehicle and changing its wheel

We have been posting lessons so that you learn how to speak in different circumstances. This lesson is about an imaginary conversation when your find that your car wheel is flat.

Hope these sample lessons will enhance your vocabulary, increase your confidence and will also give you an understanding that how you can speak in all situations.

Now go through the conversation below:

Bunty: I am getting late for my class.
Shawn: I will take you. Don't worry.

Bunty: Will you drop me to the bus stop?
Shawn:That's not a big deal. I will surely do that.

Bunty: Thanks, that would be great.
Shawn: Oh my god, it seems we have a flat tyre at the back.

Bunty: Damn it. I knew I won't make it today.
Shawn: Yeah, I know there is a trouble. But give me just five minutes.

Bunty: What can you do?
Shawn: Man, I have the spare wheel. I will drop you down to your school, not the bus stop.

Bunty: Buddy, let me help you. Will together change this rear wheel. What can I do now?
Shawn: Please help me jack up the car and open the tool box. Together we will do it in minutes.

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