Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spoken English Lesson 121: Conversation at a General Store

Now we're again back to the lessons. Here is a sample conversation of a situation where you are at a shop or general store to buy goods. Just have a look at the language used here and you would realise that it's quite easy for you to learn.

Store owner: What do you want Sir
Amir: Have you got the cooking oil?

Store owner: Sure sir, shall I give you the same brand you too last month
Amir: My wife prefers Sunlight brand. If you have it, give me two packs of 250 mg.

Store owner: Its ready. You want anything else?
Amir: Give me one kg rice and a bottle of honey. That's it.

Store owner: Sir, your things are ready.
Amir: Please put them in a carry bag.

Store owner: I have already got them packed. Here is your bill.
Amir (dishing out Rs 500 note): I am sorry, I don't have a smaller note.

Store owner: No problem. Your balance here (returns).
Amir: Thanks.

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