Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lesson 120: Inviting friends for tea or dinner

Just a sample conversation for you to understand how people talk when a neighbouring couple visits another family. 

There is social talk and basic conversation over lunch or dinner. I am sure that after going through the earlier posts, you have learnt a lot.

And that you will be able to communicate better the next time, there are visitors at your doorstep. Confidence remains the key. Be natural and speak fearlessly. 

Amit: Hi Shabana, how are you Javed...
Javed: Great to see you guys. Glad that both of you have come...finally. 

Amit: Manisha, come...see who has graced our house.
Manisha: Wow. Real surprise. That day only I told him to ask you over to tea.

Amit: But where is the little one?
Shabana: He is at his grandfathers' place. Next time may be...

Amit: Our kiddo is also not around. Hope they will have fun together next time.
Javed: Where is little Neel? 

Amit: Sports camp. So he comes back in the evening. 
Javed: That's nice. Physical exercise is always much better than watching TV or those video games.

Manisha: I wish we'd invited you earlier. 
Shabana: We too were wanting to see you since we met at the wedding. 

Amit: Pass him the fried chicken plate
Shabana: Its yummy. You made all that just now?

Manisha: I am sure you make better biryani. 
Shabana: For that I need you guys to come over and soon. 

Amit: Sure. 
Javed: The food was amazing.

Manisha: The coffee is ready. Have some biscuits!
Javed: I'll just have coffee. Nothing else. I'm afraid I'm full. 

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