Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lesson 117: How to talk at a restaurant or order food in hotel [English Conversation]

Waiter: Good evening Sir, welcome.
You: Good evening.

Waiter: Sir, what would you like to order?
You: Can i have the menu first or May I have the menu please

Waiter: Sure sir, it's here
You: Ill have the steak and this thing here

Waiter: Ok, minimum grevy, fine.
You: Please get it fast

Waiter: Sir, would you care for soup
You: Hmm....Ok. Get me the chicken soup, quick...

Waiter: Sir, anything for dessert?
You: Thanks. I got to go.

Waiter: Sure sir, I'll be back in ten minutes
You: Thanks

[This is another in the series of lessons for your practice. These are sample conversations just to help you get an understanding--Engspeak.Net]

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