Monday, September 05, 2011

Lesson 116: How to talk about a personal loss or death

Nancy: Hey, what' the matter with you? You are looking so down.
Amanda: I had a death in the family.

Nancy: Oh god, I am so sorry. No one told me.
Amanda: I understand. Not many here know about that because I had to go suddenly. I didn't inform Sid either before leaving. 

Nancy: She was your....
Amanda: Grandmother. I was too close to her. You know just last week she had called me up.

Nancy: I really feel sorry. You never told me much about her.
Amanda: She was old and had some ailments but didn't know that it would be so sudden. I was planning to go and stay with her for the weekend just when...

Nancy: Was she sick?
Amanda: She was suffering from a serious ailment. For the last couple of days her condition had deteriorated.

Nancy: I can see how much you loved her. Hope she didn't suffer much. 
Amanda: Thank you so much for your concern. I am feeling a bit relieved after talking to you.

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