Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lesson 114: Don't say 'I can't speak English'

This blog has now more than 100 free lessons for different situations guiding you to initiate conversation in English, however, I keep getting queries regularly about the most basic things.

My suggestion is that you first read the tips mentioned in the post in the side bar. After reading the 'Seven steps for communicating effectively', 'How to speak English' and the 'Hesitation or fear before speaking', you should make a resolve and do regular practice.

Identify your weakness and work on them. Take the help of the dictionary, listen to talk shows, see dubbed movies with English sub-titles and make it a one point agenda that you would not give up until you master the language.

You don't need to start with long sentence, words and cluster of words are enough to begin with and once the momentum is built, you can surely move ahead. This blog has 114 posts most of which have mock conversations and there is enough for you to learn from it, if you dig in the archives.

If you want to know the usage of even words like 'get' or 'put', kindly see a dictionary that has usage along with meanings, rather than asking this humber blogger. Please excuse me. Pick up a dictionary and help your self. Best of luck.

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