Monday, July 12, 2010

Lesson 112: General English Conversation Practice

Apart from official and serious conversation, a learner often has trouble in the basic and day-to-day situations. It may appear childish to some of you but the fact remains that one needs to talk more about mundane matters like the following lesson about rains for better fluency.

Betty: Oh god, you are drenched.
Joy: Ya, didn't have a clue...that it will rain.

Betty: We will talk later....first you go inside and change else you may catch cold. Hurry up and take the towel....
Joy: Okay dear

Betty: Why didn't you take umbrella...after all....there were dark clouds since morning....last night also there were showers
Joy: It was just a drizzle in the beginning and I thought I would just take a walk down the road but when the showers came, there was no place to hide...and I couldn't find any taxi

Betty: Hope you don't get fever. Remember our plan for Sunday, we've to go to airport to receive Mark's family.
Joy: Oh come on......once in a while there is no harm in getting wet.....after all everyone should get a feel of the season. It's good also for health...
Betty: Bravo. But I have heard the sneezes.

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