Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lesson 111: Conversation between colleagues at office [Sample Spoken English Tutorial]

Jim: May I ask you something...if you don't mind
Graham: Do I ever mind?

Jim: I know you don't.
Graham: Then shoot. What bugs you man!

Jim: I was just curious. The other day I saw you at the Central Club.
Graham: Ya, I went there because I like those guys.

Jim: That's fine. But I never thought you were political.
Graham: What's the big deal about that! Don't you ever go to political functions or rallies?

Jim: Buddy, that was a right-wing group. Do you think our management would approve of it.
Graham: Bloody hell. Do I care? I haven't joined the party. Can't I even visit a place of my choice?

Jim: I know, you can. You may even join them. I was just concerned because this guy at the top you know, he is quite sensistive to such things....and about guys who are political.....because of our business that concerns....
Graham: Frankly, the company has no business to poke its nose in my personal affairs. If someone asks me, I will even join them formally.

Jim: I didn't mean to bother you. Being your colleague, I thought I know...I am not a nosey guy.....just concerned about you....I didn't mean to bother you. Please forget it....
Graham: Come on. I am least bothered. Let's have coffee.

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