Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lesson 109: Conversing about children's admission in school

In continuation with our past posts where we randomly post sample conversations for your advantage, here is another mock chat between two women who are discussing about putting their kids in the school.

Mary: Anne will be starting her school from next year.
Ruby: Ya, Jane will also go to school. She is already three.

Mary: Which school do you plan to approach for her admission?
Ruby: Frankly, I don't know. After pre-school, it's a tough choice.

Mary: I prefer missionary schools.
Ruby: Ya, there is discipline

Mary: Not just that. They teach well and proficiency is language is a priority.
Ruby: I was thinking about them but there is a public school close to our house and my husband says...what's the big deal about a kid's education. If the child has an inclination, he or she will excel in any school.

Mary: Somehow I don't have a very good opinion about these public schools. There should be all-round personality development.
Ruby: I am not losing sleep over Jane's admission. There is still time. We will think over it.


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