Monday, July 27, 2009

Lesson 108: Conversation about colleagues in office

Here is a sample conversation among two staff members in an eduational institute. They talk about the new academic session and the work load. This post comes after a long break. However, I will make amends and intend to write posts more regularly in future.

Rita: Is the work chart for this semester ready?
Maria: You mean, timetable, ya....the Head gave me today only.

Rita: Is there any change?
Maria: You won't love it. The work load has increased.

Rita: What! It has increased.
Maria: Actually, there are more classes this year. And the sections have also increased. So we are bound to take more classes.

Rita: Haven't they appointed others?
Maria: Yeah, you will soon meet our new colleagues. There are three new persons and that includes two ladies.

Rita: I really wonder if they have taken five new people, how the hell the work load is increased? I mean, that really beats me.
Maria: As I told you, there are more classes. Richard is sick and two of our staff members are leaving. So there isn't any major difference in strength.

Rita: I see. Seems there is no relief for us again. The place sucks. Don't you think!
Maria: Nope. I think it's fairly okay. At other places it's even worse. So forget it...what about a walk to the canteen.

Rita: Sure. I don't mind. I need a coffee.
Maria: Let's go.


english summer camp said...

wonderful discussion with Rita and Maria.....

mie said...

Thanks a lot for the conversation and all of your posts in these blog.
I'm really learned much things from your blog. It's really help me to improve my english speaking. Furthermore, I felt that I can't learned much things if you didn't create this blog for us.
Thanks you very2 much for your help and kindness.
May God Bless you.