Monday, April 27, 2009

Lesson 107: Social conversation at a function, attending a party

When you are attending a social event, a function or ceremony, you interact with a lot of people. Some of them are close friends, others are neighbours, some of acquaintances and a few are those whom you meet for the first time. Mostly it's general talk but this sort of conversation is no less important. Here is a sample conversation.

Sheila: Hey, Monica it's ages since we met.
Monica: Wow Sheila nice to see you. You look so pretty

Sheila: Come on. You haven't changed a bit. As gorgeous as always. Where were you?
Monica: I didn't go anywhere. But yes we are meeting after a long time.

Sheila: I think we last met at Jo's party. If memory serves me right.
Monica: Oh yes. Now I remember. Excellent memory.

Sheila: Hey you have seen the bride!
Monica: Ya, sure...isn't she beautiful.

Sheila: I feel she has layers of makeup...she didn't need it
Monica: But I think she doesn't look odd.

Sheila: My hubby is calling me. I think the food is ready.
Monica: Ya, let's go.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant way of teaching practical usage of english.
Reciting these thematic based dialogs give the real conversational feel.Thanks a lot for sharing these valuble lessons with us.keep up the good work!!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant approach for teaching practical usage of english.Great Blog.

Reciting these dialogs give real conversational feel.

thanks a lot for sharing.
keep up the good work.

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Good lesson and good job from you..
Thanks a lot..
Keep it up...I'm always passion to learn a lot from your blog

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