Monday, April 06, 2009

Lesson 106: Talking on telephone [Spoken English Mock Lessons]

X: Hello, can I speak to Rebecca please?
Y: Just a moment please. I'll see if she's in.

X: It's urgent.
Y: I'm sorry she is out. Would you like to leave a message?

X: Can I have her cell phone number?
Y: Sure. It's nine two one seven seven....

X: I didn't quite catch the number. Could you say it again please.
X: No problem. Here I repeat.
Y: Thanks

[When the person is present.
X: Can I speak to Rebecca
Y: Let me see if she's around. Will you hold on?

X: Sure...I'm waiting
Y: She is in canteen. I'll just get her.
X: Thank you so much]

A sample conversation between two persons on telephone has been posted below. For past lessons on 'How to speak on phone' and 'Telephonic conversation' read the earlier posts here and here.

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