Monday, November 17, 2008

Lesson 99: Two friends talking about going to market, shopping in the mall

Here is a sample conversation between two friends, which is being published here.

It is a general conversation but for those trying to learn the language, it is extremely important to grasp the basics.

These are the real situations for which you need to prepare yourself. Now see what Edna and Kim are talking about.

Edna: You know today we went to the market.
Kim: I felt that you must be away. Actually I had called on your landline in the evening but there was no response.

Edna: We went out at around 6 and were back by 9 pm.
Kim: What did you buy?

Edna: Nothing. In fact we did not have anything to buy. We were just doing window shopping.
Kim: Yeah, Sometimes even window shopping is great fun.

Edna: For me, it boosts my spirits. Whenever I feel low, I go out simply. I enjoy going to the malls.
Kim: Ya people say that the atmosphere is good in the malls but I feel it's the same shopping mall. I prefer to stay home and buy things from a quaint little store.

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