Thursday, November 06, 2008

English conversation practice lesson 98: Friends talking about the upcoming wedding of one of them

Continuing with our series of mock conversations, here is a similar lesson.

Two friends are talking, one of them is scheduled to marry soon. They are quite close with their families knowing each other well.

Now read this aloud:

Mark: Hey, the D-day is soon approaching. What are your preparations for the marriage?
Jose: I can't tell you how tense I am.

Mark: Just don't worry...everything will pass off well.
Jose: Just praying for it. You tell everyone from your family is going to attend the wedding.

Mark: Of course. yeah. The are all excited and looking forward for the occasion.
Jose: Mom and Dad are worried. They feel if Aunt Rachael comes, they will have lot of moral support.

Mark: She will be there well in advance. I am always around and don't worry.
Jose: Thank you so much. Nice to hear that. I am really banking upon you.

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