Friday, October 17, 2008

Lesson 97: Discussions in the office

Ted: You look tense these days. Is there any problem at work or some personal issues bothering you?
Arthur: No, at personal front every thing is fine. People around me here in the office are troublesome at times.

Ted: Why, what happened? Did the boss say something?
Arthur: Ah...actually that day something lunch we were talking about the boss and I made a few remarks. It was all mean.

Ted: So! What's the big deal. Everybody keeps joking all the time.
Arthur: Yeah we do...but that day somebody among us told the boss how we were making fun of him. And he is no mad at me. Though he hasn't said anything directly to me but I can make out.

Ted: Forget it. That happens in every office. All bosses know that sub-ordinates do make fun at their expense.
Arthur: I think we should be more cautious now. There are some people who carry tales to the higher ups. Just to impress the boss and score brownie points.

Ted: That's not right. Do you know the mole?
Arthur: I am close to. The boss' PA gave me a hint but let's be careful. All our colleagues are not as innocent now.

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