Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lesson 96: Talking to neighbour about a journey

Brian: Hello, for the past few days I saw lock at your door. It seens you people been out of station for a while.
Tim: Yeah, we had been to our parents' place for the festival.

Brian: Must have been a good trip. Did you have great time?
Tim: It was good and would have been great but for the weather.

Brian: Why? Was the weather bad there?
Tim: Yes, it was very hot. Humidity was also quite high and the electric supply is not regular in the rural area, as you know.

Brian: I have heard about them. It seems power cuts are a regular affair in rural areas. Nobody can help it.
Tim: Above all the mosquitoes made our lives hell. I mean you put together all these things, it was terrible experience. Of course, there was a family reunion and despite all this we enjoyed.

Brian: I guess you didn't plan the trip well.
Tim: You are right. The next time we will avoid the season. Winters are best for the place as you don't need to worry too much about power cuts.

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