Sunday, October 05, 2008

Spoken English Learning Lesson 95: How to talk about future activities and actions!

For the learners of English it is often confusing, how to speak about things that are likely to happen in future.

It's not that tough but voluminous grammar books that have large chapters on tenses, only end up confusing the students.

Here are a few sentences that will make it clear to you, how to speak about future.

Hopefully, on the basis of these examples, you can speak in any situation when you have to talk about your future plans or any other impending act.

I will give her the message as soon as I see her.
[...note: don't say soon as I will see is a common mistake, you have already said in the beginning of the sentence that ..'I will... and you don't need to use it again]

If you start right now, you will reach by 8 pm.
[...note: don't say that 'if you will start...']

Now a list of a few chosen situations:

*The ambulance will come whenever it is called.

*John will come to bat when this over comes to an end.

*You will never save any money if you are so extravagant.

When you want to predict what a person would be doing in future or what will be going on:

*When I get home, my wife will probably be watching the soap opera on TV.

*We shall be waiting for her when she returns home.

*Her parents will be waiting at the airport to welcome her.


*Mary will have been living in Paris for five years by the end of this month.

*When Mike gets his BA degree, he will have been studying at the University for five years.

*You will have been learning French for two years by the end of this semester.

You can also see the post about Twenty special sentences for a similar practice. It will help clarify it further to you.

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