Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lesson 94: College students' conversation

Rachel: Hey Jim! So you are hiding here!
Jim: Who will I hide from? I just got bored there in the class.

Rachel: I saw you slip out.
Jim: Ya, I needed some air. But you could have given me a ring.

Rachel: We thought that you will go to the cafe.
Jim: I got there but the gang was not there...and I came to the library. I had to return the books.

Rachel: So let's move now. All of them will join us there soon.
Jim: Will they come there right after lunch?

Rachel: Of course, Mary is throwing a party, how can you forget.
Jim: I thought that was a joke.

Rachel: Not at all. She is ready and then we can all go to her place and watch movie.
Jim: Sounds fun.
Rachel: So stop making faces, let's go.

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