Monday, September 01, 2008

Lesson 93: Describing people & their peculiarities

As you learn the language, your vocabulary also grows. There are words to describe people and their idiosyncracies. If a relative is stingy and doesn't like to spend money, you won't call the person 'parsimonious', which is a bookish word rather you can call the person 'tight-fisted'.

So there are several ways to describe the people around. They include your friends, colleagues, boss, sub-ordinates and other unique persons. Keep adding these words to your vocabulary. Let's see a few examples:

He is blunt. But once you get to know him closely you will find that he is a great fellow, just a bit too straight-forward.

She is rather pushy. I have worked with her in the same office. [Here pushy means a person who is more assertive, having lot of ambition and could be aggressive if someone came in her way]

I know Anne, she is nice but ...except that she is tight-fisted (thrifty). Her mother, I know, was the opposite. Too generous and of course, a very principled lady who helped the needy

Arrogant! Many feel that he is arrogant but that's a wrong impression. He is a bit reserve but no way you can call him self-centred. He is a gem of person and very kind indeed.

Uncle John is a short-tempered man, I do agree. He may not talk much but Uncle is a sensible person, who is never illogical. Yes, he hates those who waste his time.

What I really like about Peterson is that he is so successful but still a down-to-earth man. That's a rare quality. Despite the name and fame, he is a humble person.

Kevin was always bold as a kid but Tom never dared to go out alone. He is still faint-hearted, can't go out in dark. Ali is quiet and loves his solitude.

Now there are innumerable such words. But you need the most important, essential and really useful words. We have made a list of 65 such words (adjectives) that will help you in your endeavour. Click to Read them.

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