Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lesson 90. Spoken English lesson: Husband and wife discussing journey plans

We are continuing with our series of lessons that can help you speak the language and express yourself well in English. This is a sample conversation about a woman and her husband talking about their journey plan.

Naturally, you can discuss it with your friends or any colleague also. We give you the basic style that how you talk and what are the words specific for such a subject. Certainly you can go and do a bit of exercise and learn more.

Now read following lines carefully:
Clara: Shall we go to your hometown next month?
Kevin: Actually I am in no mood to go now. I plan to go in December-January and then again in June.

Clara: I know but in December-January, the weather is not suitable and it will be too cold. We are not used to such weather and also...with the will be difficult...
Kevin: Then we'll go in February or early will be pleasant by then. See we have to go twice. So can't we go now and then make a second trip in February.

Clara: If we go for the festival your parents will feel good.
Kevin: Hmm...I must check up for my reservation and my leave status. If no one else has applied for leave in the office, then I can...

Clara: Do it at the earliest so that before others apply, you do it. The festive season is coming and everybody is going to apply.
Kevin: Ok. I will do that.

Clara: See, in June it is very hot there. The baby is not used to such weather and let's be practical. So let's go now.
Kevin: You are right, we have to be careful about such things now.

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