Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lesson 89: Speaking to company executive for shifting telephone

Mrs James: Hello, is that Connect Limited?
Company executive: Yes Ma'm, how can I help you.

Mrs James: Recently we have moved into a new house. So we have to get our connection shifted.
Company Executive: Ok. Do you have an internet connection also.

Mrs James: Ya, we have internet. It's a landline connection. Can you tell me what is the procedure.
Company executive: That is quite easy. You have to submit an application in the form given by our office. Then it will be done within three days of your submission.

Mrs James: I have already gone through this procedure, now it's more than a week but still there is no response from your side.
Company executive: Actually we have to check for feasibility in your area.

Mrs James: How much time it will take to check that?
Company executive: Sometime it takes three days.

Mrs James: But it's a week, how long are we supposed to wait?
Company executive: Just give us a couple of days.

Mrs James: Your executives have been asking for couple of days for the last so many days. You just tell me when it will be done or we would go in for some other service provider.

Company executive: No mam. Please just give us another two days I will myself get back to you.
Mrs James: Ok i will wait but please make it fast.

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