Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lesson 88: Friends talk about their interest in music

Fred: You know Mary brought new audio CDs yesterday. Did you have a look at them?
Liza: Is it! I didn’t know. Are they about learning French?

Fred: Of course not. It's about music.
Liza: I was not aware that Mary was interested in music.

Fred: She is a die-hard music buff. It’s strange that you didn’t know.
Liza: I really had no idea. Are you also into music?

Fred: Yeah… a bit though not like her. But I do enjoy classical music.
Liza: Seems everybody is a lover of music here.

Fred: Earlier I was more into Pop music but now I prefer soft melodies.
Liza: Hmm… I can’t tolerate pop music at all. Classical music, I don't mind. It's soothing.

Fred: Everybody has got a different taste.
Liza: May be, living with such great music buffs, I will also become one.

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