Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lesson 87: Mock discussion over politics [Spoken English Practice]

[Students of management, especially those appearing for MBA and other entrance examinations are often shy of facing the group discussions (GDs). The fact is that they are not so tough. One just has to be a little imaginative.

If you have views, you will definitely excel. Here is just a sample conversation in English. If your mother tongue is not English, you don't need to worry, just work hard and such conversations will hopefully give you an idea, how to tackle the situation. Just don't loose your cool and make a resolve that you will appear in the competitive exam with full confidence and get through the various stages including GDs. Best of Luck.]

X: What is your say about the present politicians?
Y: I just don't trust any politician from any political party and feel all of them are self-centered and none of them have any concern for the country.

X: Don't generalize it. Surely few of them are like that but not all. There are all kinds of people in all professions.
Y: But these days politics has become very dirty. Everybody is running after power and money.

X: It has always been like this. In olden days even, kings used to do the same things. Now the only difference is due to the electronic and print media things get publicized, which was not the case earlier.
Y: But the kings of those days, were sincere towards their nation and their people but the politicians can stoop down to any level for their personal benefit.

X: Again I disagree with you, that is not the case with all the politicians.
Y: To an extent I agree but I feel the standards of politics have gone down too much and one can't have faith in the leaders of our times.

X: There were kings who massacred their own people and were unconcerned about their subjects. At least now the politicians know that they have to face election and they have to do something.
Y: Ah, an endless debate. But you do have a point.

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