Friday, July 18, 2008

Lesson 85: Seeking friend's assistance in filling a form

Brian: Can you do me a favour?
Schmidt: Sure, what's it about.

Brian: Can you just help me fill this form?
Schmidt: Let me have a look at it. Oh god, there is hardly anything in it.

Brian: Ya, for you. But for me, it's all Latin and Greek, these financial terms.
Schmidt: Okay I will fill it for you. Jut tell me the details.

Brian: I really wonder why they use such jargon.
Schmidt: It's not at all difficult but I know your problem. Once you have decided that it's difficult and you can't fill it, that's all. Otherwise it's so easy.

Brian: I have a problem writing the cheques and all such financial documents.
Schmidt: That's a mental block, I guess. You should get rid of it.

Brian: I don't think I can ever be confident, filling these forms.
Schmidt: You won't learn just because you will always get them filled from somebody. Isn't it!

Brian: That's right
Schmidt: But the next time you will have to find somebody else, I am not gonna do it for you. Now take it, just put your name and singature over there.

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