Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lesson 84: Colleagues discuss workplace tension

That's quite a normal situation. Whenever a new guy takes over, the sub-ordinates feel a bit uneasy. Some feel that they are in the firing line. The staff at the office discusses the likes and dislikes of the boss. The lesson is just about that:

James: What’s wrong with you, these days you look upset?
Kevin: No, I am not upset but I am quite tense these days

James: Why? Is there any problem?
Kevin: As you know there is so much pressure in the office.

James: Of course, there is a bit of pressure but one has to deal with it
Kevin: The boss, I really don’t like his attitude.

James: I feel he is new so he is trying to be over-enthusiastic about work
Kevin: May be you are right but he is too demanding.

James: He has also to prove himself
Kevin:...but in his enthusiasm he gives us such targets that are nearly impossible to achieve

James: Has he targeted you? I don’t think so. His style is….I accept…different from the earlier boss….but he is tough to everyone, not just you
Kevin: I agree. So what’s your suggestion?

James: Don’t worry. It’s a temporary phase. After sometime it will be back to normal situation else all of us can have a talk with him, politely.
Kevin: Thanks. I feel lighter after this talk.

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