Monday, July 07, 2008

Lesson 83: Talking about attending a marriage & selecting a gift

Gloria: Hey, did you get the invite for James' marriage?
Mary: Yeah, yesterday he himself came home and invted all of us.

Gloria: I am really excised to attend his marriage. It's long tim since we had something like this apart from routine work.
Mary: Of course, even I am equally excited.

Gloria: What gift do you plan to give?
Mary: I am in two minds, whether to give some utility item as they will be setting up a house or something of personal use.

Gloria: What do you suggest?
Mary: I feel utility item wil e better because if we give something of personal use then we have to give two things one for him and another for his wife. Utility item will be a better gift I feel.

Glory: By the way, what do you plan to give?
Mary: I am thinking of presenting them a food processor. What do you say?
Gloria: It's a good idea. Should I give them a dinner set?

Gloria: Hmm...dinner set is a good idea. So hope to see you
Maria: Sure. Bye and take care.

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