Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lesson 82: English Conversation Practice

Claire: Hey, how are you?
Michelle: I am fine.

Claire: So, what's the news from your side?
Michelle: The good news is I got a job.

Claire: Oh! that's great...congratulations. where did you get the job?
Michelle: I have been appointed as Assistant Professor in the engineering college.

Claire: Engineering college...that means they must be paying you well!
Michelle: Ya, they are giving me the full scale for Assistant Professor.

Claire: Thats very nice to hear. So this would keep you busy then.
Michelle: Oh yes, I will be very busy. It is a full time job. The college is also quite far from here.

Claire: In that case where will you leave your little duaghter?
Michelle: I plan to put her in the play school for three hours then she would go to child care.

Claire: You have already planned it well. Wow.
Michelle: Ya, I had to. Let's hope it works well.

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