Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lesson 80. Conversation on phone to arrange a trip: How to talk about planning a tour in English?

Continuing with our free spoken English lessons, here is a conversation between a lecturer who wants her students to be taken for an educational trip to an institution. 

You can learn how one calls up somebody on phone, formally asks for an appointment and then gets to know that the person is busy but manages to get the job done on the call itself.

Ruth: Hello, I am a lecturer calling from Willingdon College
Receptionist : Hello Madam, How can I help you.

Ruth: Actually I wanted an appointment with the Director NRSA
Receptionist : He is very busy these days with a foreign delegation. May I know in what connection you want to meet him?

Ruth: Actually I wanted to arrange an educational trip for my students to NRSA. So, regarding this I wanted to talk to him.
Receptionist: Madam will it be OK if I put you on phone to him directly. Because arranging a meeting with him is not possible for another one month.

Ruth: That is fine, I have no problem
Receptionist: Hold on a for minute Madam till I connect you to Sir

Ruth: Oh, sure.
Director: Hello, yes please

Ruth: Hello, Sir I wanted to arrange for an educational trip to NRSA for our M.S students.
irector : What is their specialisation? Is it anything related to communications

Ruth: Yes sir, their specialisation is microwaves
director: ok, that's good, for how many students you want permission?

Ruth : They will be around thirty of them
Director : Saturday is a light day for the staff here. So you can plan out for coming Saturday

Ruth: That is fine with us Sir
Director : So I will inform the duty in-charge that students from your College will come on Saturday
Ruth : Yes Sir, thank you so much for you cooperation. I am really obliged to you.

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