Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lesson 78: Conversation between two ladies about kids

We are posting lessons on various daily situations which you come across in practical life. This will surely give you confidence to speak in any kind of situation, ranging from interviews to formal talk, discussions and normal chat with friends. Following is a conversation between two women, both mothers about their children.

Tracy: Hello, such a sweet baby, what's her name?
Paula: Her name is Anne

Tracy: How old is she?
Paula: She is two years now. What about him? He is such a cute kid.

Tracy: Even he is two.
Paula: That's very rice. Jeanette has got a friend of her own age.

Tracy: Are you planning to put her in a play group from coming session?
Paula: Yeah, I do plan to put her in play school from July.

Tracy: But I don't know....which is the best school, and where to put her?
Paula: There is one school just opposite this street behind that building. Its really good

Tracy: Is it? I didn't know about it. How are the teachers and the attenders there?
Paula: Every thing is fine. I sent my elder one over there.

Tracy: Nice to meet you. I would come to you in June again for your advise.
Paula: Oh Sure. You can ring me up.

Tracy: Thank you so much. Bye
Paula: Bye, take care.

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