Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lesson 77: Conversation among friends

Tina: Hey, the vacations started last week but there is no excitement.
Julie: Yeah, but vacations really get boring after sometime.

Tina: Hmm...actually it's boring to be at home the whole day.
Betty: Why don't we plan for a movie.

Julie: Sure, that's a good idea.
Tina: But which show? Should we go during the day, it's so hot.

Betty: It's better to go for evening show.
Tina: But in that case, it will be the same, whole day we will get bored.

Betty: Then what shall we do?
Julie: We can do one thing. We'll get the CD of a new movie and watch it at my place. We can order the food and it will be fun.

Tina: Sure, that's a great idea.
Betty: We can also call Maria and the rest of the gang.

Tina: Ya, we will have a nice time.
Betty: So let's call up Maria and others.

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