Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lesson 76: Conversation at tailor's shop in English

Tailor: Welcome Mam, what am I supposed to do?
Jane: I want to get these clothes altered

Tailor: Please show me the clothes to be altered.
Jane: It is very tight. Waist of this trouser has to be altered, loosen it a bit.

Tailor: By how may inches?
Jane: Two inch.

Tailor: Ok Madam I will do it.
Jane: Also the length of the other trouser has to be reduced.

Tailor: What should the length be?
Jane: 38 inches, just cut the length and fold it

Tailor: Ok Madam it will be done
Jane: How long will you take to finish the work?

Tailor: It will take an hour to alter both of them
Jane: How much will you charge me?

Tailor: Twenty dollars, ten for each.
Jane: Fine, then I will come back after an hour and collect them.

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