Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lesson 74: Talking to friend about books

Hi Bill, I thought you were out of town?
-Hi Sam, not at all. I am very much here.

Actually, I rang you up last evening and nobody picked the phone. Where had you gone?
--How can that happen? Oh ya, I went out for a while at around 10 pm.

Where had you gone?
--Just to the bookshop. I was looking for a title.

Any special book? Did you get it?
--I felt like buying the President's autobiography.

Ya, I have heard about it, I think it has been launched just a few days back.
--There are quite a few chapters in the book about our town and his early life here.

That must be really interesting. I would also like to read that.
--But that's quite expensive. I went to the shop and the guy told me to wait for a month until the paperback edition comes.

Will the paperback edition cheaper than this?
--Yes, it will be half the price of the hardbound library edition. So I thought I should wait.

Right thing to do. And there was no urgency.
--That's what I thought.

So, have you got some reading material. In case you need, I have a few good books
--Thanks a lot Sam.

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