Friday, April 25, 2008

Lesson 72: Talking on telephone in English

For anyone who is a student of English, this is an important and tough step. Those who speak English or for whom it is their mother tongue don't realise.

But there is a great deal of hesitation for learners who find it tough to keep the conversation going. However, it just needs a bit of attention. Here is a sample lessn for you to understand how one can talk on phone or cell phone.

Brett: Hi, May I talk to Pat.
Tom: May I know who is calling?

Brett: I am Philip, his friend.
Tom: He is in a meeting at the moment.

Brett: Don't you have an extension there?
Tom: If you can give me your number, he'll call you back after a short while.

Brett: That' fine but...
Tom: Is it urgent?

Brett: Actually. I have to talk to him about something important.
Tom: I will pass on your message as soon as the meeting is over.

Brett: Could I speak to Alex?
Tom: I'm sorry. He is away on a tour.

Brett: Ok. Could you please tell Philip to call me on my cell phone.
Tom: Sure. I'll do that.

Brett: Thanks a lot.
Tom: Thanks.

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