Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lesson 70: Conversation between two friends in English

Hi Joe, Good morning.
--Hey Peter, how come you are here.

I was just taking a stroll.
--Let's go to the market together.

Sure. But is that your car?
--Of course not. My car is with Linda.

I don't understand. Last time you said that you won't give it to her again.
--Ya, I know. I told her that I can't lend her my car. But...

--She simply won't take no for an answer*. I had to give in ultimately.

But I still remember what she did last time when she took away your car.
--Ya it had taken a month for the workshop guys to repair it.

But Joe, I really admire you. How generous of you!
--Don't make fun of me now. I know what you must be thinking.

Hey I am serious man.
--You are kidding. 'I am a fool, that's it'

Ok, forget it.
--Ya, no option till she is back.