Friday, March 28, 2008

Lesson 69: Spoken English Conversation

How is Peter?
--He is fine. But he is not working hard.

Is it? I thought he must have learnt from his previous experiences.
--I don't know. He doesn't seem interested in work.

But I recommended him for the job just because he was so insistent and said that he would work very hard this.
--Why don't you talk to him once.

Of course. I will.
--Robert told me that you had recommended Peter's name.

I know. I promised him that this guy would work hard and is interested in this sort of job. But still if he is so disinterested that would put me in a tight spot.
--Don't take it so seriously.

But he is my cousin and that's why I am worried. All my life I have enjoyed work and never shirked.
--See, I will ask him casually. May be something is bugging him
Ya, let's see. Hopefully we will sort out things.