Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lesson 68: General Conversation in English on TV programmes

Claire: Did you watch television last night?
John: Was there anything special?
Claire: Nothing so special just...
John: Actually I was listening to the radio yesterday night.

Claire: Radio!
John: Ya, I prefer it over television.
Claire: That's quite interesting. Were you listening to old movie songs.
John: Nope. I like listening news on radio rather than TV.

Claire: That's news to me.
John: Actually they don't have much interruptions and the advertisements are few. That's why I like radio.
Claire: Hmm. I was asking you because I missed yesterday's episode of Bold and Beautiful.
John: You can ask my wife, Ronnie. I'm sure she must have seen it. She never misses it.

Claire: That's a good idea. She is in the kitchen, I guess.
John: Ya. Please go in and talk, I am sure she has seen it.