Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lesson 67: General English Conversation Practice

I think Tim is not in the town.
--Ya, you are right, my brother telephoned him last night.

So did he tell him about his plans.
--I will have to ask Harry.

I hope that he will get back next week.
--Hope so. Generally Tim doesn't stay out of the town for long.

Let me talk to Harry.
--I have already dialled the number.

Hi Harry, it's James here.
--Hi James, how are you.

Perfectly fine. I wanted to ask you about Tim.
--He left for Lyon yesterday.

Did you inquie abut his reasons for going there and staying?
--I didn't but if it's an emergency I can give you his cell number and you can yourself ask.

Please give me the number.
--Ya please write down.

Thanks a lot Harry