Friday, March 07, 2008

Lesson 66: Facing Interview in English: How to face interview-Part 1

Youths and job aspirants often worry about minor things and etiquette during job interviews for government, PSC or UPSC exams. More so, when they come from Urdu, Hindi medium or other regional languages, rather than English. Here is a mock interview to help boost your confidence.

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May I come in, Sir/Sirs*
--Yes you may come in, Mr Harrison.

Good Morning Sirs

--Very good morning. Please sit down.

So you have applied for all the posts.

--No Sir, I am interested in the post of Technical Assistant.

Oh I see. Can I have a look at your CV.

--Sure sir. It's here.

Your did well in Arts. Why did you switch to science.

--I did well in arts, Sir, but the interest was only up till the school level.

So you lost interest suddenly?

--It's not that, please let me explain.

Ya, go ahead.

--I did well because of my command over language and liked to read historical accounts as stories, but I felt I didn't have the kind of interest that is required for higher studies in the subjects.

I see. So you decided to join Polytechnic.

--Sir, I appeared in the State Test and earned a seat in the institute.

Which City you like the most?

--My hometown, Madrid.

Do you go there regularly?

--Quite often Sir.

In case of job, how will you manage. Won't the organisation suffer because of frequent leaves?

--Sir, even as a student I went just for a week, twice a year, once in Christmas and the other occasion is my parents' marriage anniversary that falls in July. I think this much vacation an employee is entitled to get.

Well, we are quite liberal. And you will get an entire month of leave every year in December.
--That's a good policy Sir.

I think you have presented yourself fairly well in the interview.
--Sir, may I expect a favourable response.

I think you should.
--Thanks a lot Sir.

[*When more than one person is in the room for interview, address them collectively as Sirs, and not say Good morning to everybody after the other, as some fools do.]