Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lesson 64: Talking about your job

Joe: I think you are the most senior employee in this office.
Greg: Ya, quite long. Almost everybody who was part of the original team has quit.

Joe: Will you have worked here for three years by the end of this month?
Greg: Three years! I have been here much longer.

Joe: How long will you have worked here by this month end?
Greg: You guess.

Joe: Five years.
Greg: I shall have worked here for ten years by the end of this month.

Joe: A decade, that's a long period.
Greg: Sure it is.

Joe: And you are still not bored.
Greg: It's not that I haven't thought about quitting but somehow I like the way this company treats its employees.

Joe: Still, if you get a chance, will you?
Greg: Unless I get a double pay, I won't.