Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lesson 63: Asking about patient's health

Richard: How is your friend.
Sonny: He's Patrick, I really don't know. He didn't sleep at all.

Richard: Who is treating him?
Sonny: Dr Watts. He did a few tests and the results will be known in the evening.

Richard: You also look tired. Did you sleep well last night.
Sonny: I could hardly sleep. He was tossing and turning through out the night. He used to drink a lot.

Richard: Has he given up drinking?
Sonny: Just recently and it will be not be so easy to quit.

Richard: Let's hope he will be alright soon.
Sonny: Ya, hoping for the best.

Richard: You told me you also have a bad headache.
Sonny: I have taken the pill and I am leaving, his sister will soon come to take care of him.