Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lesson 57: Talking in the kitchen, About cooking

Rita:Good to see you early today.
Bill: You are in the kitchen! Can you show me how to make....

Rita: Omelette. Yes, today I will teach you how to make it.
Bill: Great

Rita: Just watch carefully.
Bill: Yes, you have broken the eggs into the bowl

Rita: Now we are going to beat the eggs to a froth with a fork or egg beater.
Bill: After that.....any spices!

Rita: Yes, get onion and green chilli cut into small pieces and add to the beaten egg
Bill: Is that all?

Rita: Don't forget to add a pinch of salt.
Bill: Oh my god, I had almost forgotten that.

Rita: Now put the frypan on the stove and light it. Put a teasponful of butter also
Bill: Shall I pour the eggs into the pan.

Rita: When one side is cooked enough, turn it over with this spatula.
Bill: I hope it won't take much time

Rita: Just five minutes
Bill: So it's ready. Thanks. Now when are you going to show me how to make the Indian curry?

Rita: I'll show you how to cook the curry but it is not as simple as making an omelette.
Bill: Ok. Thanks a tonne.