Monday, January 14, 2008

Lesson 56: Conversation between two boys about sports

Bob: Hi Sam, where are you going?
Sam: Hi dear. I am going to the stadium.

Bob: Stadium! What do you do there?
Sam: I play basket ball there. Many other guys also come in the evening.

Bob: You never told me.
Sam: Ya, I started only recently.

Bob: Which other game do you play?
Sam: When there are less people, we go for badminton.

Bob: I am really impressed.
Sam: Thanks Bob. You can also join us.

Bob: Actually I was thinking about it. I need to work out
Sam: Yes, those who don't do physical activity, later realise this when they suffer from illnesses and pains.

Bob: True
Sam: May I take leave now. I am getting late for the match.

Bob: Sure, see you, bye
Sam: Bye Bob