Monday, January 14, 2008

Lesson 55: Idioms, Phrases and Expressions-1

This is a random list of idioms and phrases used in daily conversation, which you must know. Some of the following may appear too common but they are necessary to know. If you don't use them, at least you have to make them out when others are speaking. For beginners they are much more important than others.

1. There is so much corruption in the office but the question is who will bell the cat?
[who will dare to expose, interfere]

2. Come on, tell me what you want from me? Don't beat about the bush.

3. I am not sure of our success. Someone will surely let the cat out of the bag and the rest will come to know about our plans.
[revealing the secret]

4. My son kept me in the dark about his plans to go overseas.

5. Mike hasn't yet grown out of his fondness for icecream.
[gone past an age when such things suit]

6. The incident of the girl slapping her teacher was hushed up by the headmistress.
[suppressed, nobody could know and wasn't discussed outside]

7. He was ambitious but got into a rut after the marriage.
[dull and having a fixed routine]

8. Don't poke your nose in these affairs or you will regret later.

9. A seasoned investor will never put all his eggs in one basket.
[risking everything]

10. When he became an officer, John gave cold-shoulder to his old friends .
[avoiding warmth, ignoring]