Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lesson 54: Talking to doctor, Visiting a clinic

Doctor: What brings you here?
Jim: I am not feeling well...
........I have been suffering from fever for three days.

Doctor: And....are you suffering from any other ailment also?
Jim: Yes, I have a bad cold and my whole body is aching. But I got my blood tested for malaria...
.......and they told me that I am not suffering from malaria.

Doctor: Seems you still have fever
Jim: Yes doctor. In the morning it was quite high.

Doctor: Don't worry I am going to give you tablets.
Jim: What should I eat?

Doctor: Just avoid junk food and take some rest.
Jim: When shall I see you again?

Doctor: I hope you will be alright soon. But you can come after five days.
Jim: Thanks doc.