Monday, January 07, 2008

Lesson 52: Telephonic conversation in English

As we get repeated requests about visitors and English students, who face the situation, this lesson is being posted:

Ken: Could you get me Roger on the line?
Peter: Sure, let me try buddy.

Peter: Hi, I'm calling from Southampton. Could I get Roger on the line?
Tony: Yes, please hold on for a moment.

Tony: Roger, you have a call from Southampton.
Roger: Good Morning, May I know who I'm speaking to?

Ken: Can't you make out my voice?
Roger: Oh yes, it sounds familiar. Is that you, Ken?

Ken: Ya, I called you to find out what about your niece, what flight she is coming by?
Roger: I'll see her off today. Who will she received by there?

[There are more such mock telephone conversations for practice available on this blog]