Friday, October 12, 2007

Lesson 51: How to speak English when you don't know the word or just forgot it?

In our native languages we use different idioms and simple translate them when we talk in English. At times, we are ill at ease to convey a particular thought. But don't worry there is always a way out to say thing differently.

You want to ask something your friend's job:

The sentence is: When would your job become permanent?

But you are not comfortable saying this because of certain reasons, grammatical inadequacy or simply because that's not the way it is spoken in your native language. Or you don't know how to say this at all. Sometimes you have forgotten the phrase or just don't have idea how to put it across or you are unsure if the wasy was correct.

Still, it's easy, say it the other way. Instead you can ask him:

So is it a permanent job!

Or say

Are you a permanent employee!

Or say

I am sure you will get permanent soon.

Or say

Is the job permanent?

Or say

Are you on the list of permanent employees?

And he will understand.

Or simply say.

Permanent Job!

So you see there are N number of ways you can say a thing or ask. Just be alert. With time you will learn to speak in all possible ways but right now you can simply speak by using your mental alacrity and not give the other person the impression that you are stuck and unable to speak English.