Friday, October 12, 2007

How to speak English?

There is no course that can teach you to speak English in 100 hrs or 48 hrs as coaching institutes promise. There are no magic formulas. Many of you send me emails but believe me you can master the language with an effort. It's certainly possible.

Nothing comes easily and without dedication. English is no exception. To speak it, you have to just be confident. Text books have a different language and so it takes sometime to pick up the idiom of the spoken language.

We have published lot of lessons in the past. And would like to remind you that nothing is going to make you learn English until you PRACTICE. Keep working on it and we are to help you.

You know the meaning of the word mistake but you don't 'do mistake' in English. In English you say, 'I made a mistake'. Never say 'I did a mistake'. 'He can make a mistake' or 'Committed a mistake'. This is a difference that will help you understand why it takes time to learn the langauge.

The question is how to speak. Bring it in your speech naturally. So practice it. Don't fear. Don't be shy. No need to be embarrassed. Say things aloud. When in confusion ask somebody. Try a dictionary like Oxford Advanced Learners and see the usage of a word.

Repeat the following sentences again and again. Your mind will absorb the and the next time they will come to you naturally:

I could not meet the boss.

I could not get there in time.

I never use shampoo.

We used to get water regularly.

I would like to remind you.

I would like to stay here for a week.

I want to stay here for a week.

I want to remind you.

I want to tell you something.

[Use 'want' or 'would like' as both convey the same meaning here]

This is just an introduction. Now this blog has a hundred lessons. Dozens of sample conversations. There are tips on how to pick up the phrases and idioms and ways to become fluent. Just try hard and you will surely succeed. Best of Luck!