Friday, October 05, 2007

Lesson 46: In someone's office

I am sorry, I have taken much of your time.

--No problem.

Excuse me Sir, Mr Warn has come to see you, Shall I send him in?

--Your face is quite familiar to me. Do you live around here?

It is too hot today. Isn't it?

--Yes, it is worse than yesterday.

What a bad rain we have.

--Yes it is a nuisance.

Will it rain today?

--Yes it seems so.
Sorry to disturb you Sir.
Please excuse my intervention.
Sorry for the disturbance.

I hope I haven't disturbed you.
Sorry to have disturbed you
I hope I haven't troubled you
Sorry to have bothered you

General Practice

I go to temple on Thursday.

I go to mosque on Friday.

I go to Church in the evening.

I go by bus

I have my tea after the breakfast.