Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lesson 34: General Conversation Questions & Answers

Why did they wear it?
--Let's ask them, why they wore it.

Why did Bob make it?
--We can find out why he made it.

Why did they bring it?
--Ask you friends why they brought it.

It's cold outside, I am going to put on a sweater.
--You'd better put a coat on too.

But we'd better take off our things when we're inside.
--We can take them off in the hall and hang them up.

Did you take down his instructions?
--Yes, do you want to look them over.

Yes please. I want to carry out the instructions as well as possible.
--All right. Let's sit down and go over them together.

Did you throw away the extra paper
--No. I gave about half of it away.

Do you have some left then?
--No. I used up all the rest yesterday.