Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lesson 33: Talking about health and illness (25 sentences)

You look a bit off-colour. Are you all right?

--Ya, just a bit out of sorts, nothing to worry about. I'll be fine in a day or two.

--I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I stayed home that day.

Where is Asha?

She was a bit feverish this morning so I told her to stay in bed.

I had a fever last week but I got over it quickly. [recovered]

My arm hurts where I banged it against the door.

He suffers from hay fever and sneezes a lot if he is near flowers or grass.

My fingers ache from too much typing at the computer.

How are you?

--My nose is all bunged up with this horrible cold. [blocked]

Are you taking your medicines regularly?


How've you been keeping recently?

I am fine. Just the usual aches and pains.

You fell off from the motorcycle. You are ok now?

Yeah, fine, just a few cuts and bruises.

My hand is stinging since I touched that plant. (burning pain)

My head is throbbing. (beating with pain)

He was trembling all over. (shaking) Must be something serious.

Do you suffer from haemophilia?

I feel a bit dizzy. I thing I should sit down. [feeling of spinning round and unable to balance]

I have a stiff neck.

I had a nauseous feeling after taking the medicine, but it passed. [urge to vomit]

Do you know she died of/from lung cancer.

I' fighting off a cold at the moment.

Maggy isn't in today, she's gone down with flu. [has caught]

I won't be going today. I've come down with a dreadful cold. [with I, not go down but come down]